How is a virtual bookkeeper better than an in-house bookkeeper?

  • More time for you to spend on your business
  • Freedom to enjoy what you love
  • Less frustration, less paperwork, less pressure, less receipts
  • No more paying employee taxes or benefits for a bookkeeper
  • Don’t have to share office space
  • Easy to understand explanations of your financial reports
  • You have a professional on your side

What types of business does virtual bookkeeping support?

I work with many different types of businesses, but small business owners usually find my help to be of the most benefit. I provide bookkeeping for sole proprietors, partnerships, LLC’s and Corporations.

Will you do my taxes too?

While I always love to help businesses get organized and prepared to file their taxes each year. Currently, I leave the responsibility of filing taxes to the CPA’s. I will be implementing business tax services in late 2019.

Can you teach me how to do my own bookkeeping?

Yes, I can! If you are happy with doing your own books, but you need to know how to get started or simply have fallen behind and need a bit of help, I would be happy to assist you and show you the basics of how to run your own books during a scheduled consultation in a QuickBooks Online Tutorial.

What do you need to get me setup?

  1. A quick 10-20-minute call so we can learn about each other’s business and decide if my services would benefit your business.
  2. Schedule a 1-hour consultation so we can discuss what you need so that I can prepare a proposal for your business.
  3. Review the proposal, decide what services you would need me to perform and sign a letter of engagement which details both our responsibilities and the payment for my services.
  4. Gather the necessary business information needed, such as Employer Identification Number (EIN), bank statements, current chart of accounts, etc.